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Welcome to the Freelancer!

es, Freelance Academy Press is now live with its very own blog!

It seems that everyone has a blog these days, whether there is a reason to have one or not. Therefore the first question we asked ourselves was “what is the point in having a blog?”

The answer was you.

As a niche publisher, we cater to passionate readers. Whether you are a martial artist who spends long hours in the training hall or a history buff with twenty or thirty titles on hand that you are “getting to”, if you are one of our regular customers, the odds are that your interest extends well-beyond a casual read of one or two books on the various subjects we cover.

When we created Freelance, we said that our goal was to be more than just another publisher. We promised readers a “historical journey” that did not merely start and end with a book. Today, a press must be about communicating ideas, not merely printing books, which was why we pledged to “facilitate our readers’ on-going development by providing training packages, supplemental online material, DVDs, featured interviews and Q&A’s with lead researchers and instructors.”

We began that process with our newsletter, news page  and article library, and we will continue to develop those tools, as well as developing a growing library of video downloads and white papers. This blog will support those media to provide a home for a variety of short essays by our staff and guest writers, event reviews, embedded video clips, updates on our authors’ and their projects, teasers and interesting news links on related subjects.  We want it to be someplace you’ll want to come to again and again, and we can do that best by making it someplace too interesting to forget!

So welcome and happy reading!

The Freelancers

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